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Fs Roasted / Baked / Vulcanized / Chocolate Maple Bass Fingerboards

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I have three Roasted/Baked/Vulcanized Maple BASS fingerboards. The dimensions are 28" x 3 1/4" x .35" (So you can also use them for guitars plus I also have some guitar sized boards)

For those who are unfamiliar with the process, the maple is heated to over 250 degrees in a kiln in which the oxygen has been removed. (So it should probably be referred to as "heat-treated" maple but it would= be a lot less sexy. The removes the moisture making the wood more stable and rigid. heat treated maple is now being used by a number of leading boutique builders for both necks and fingerboards and Gibson is now offering it as a rosewood alternative on a number of models.

I would prefer to sell these as a single batch. The price is $20 each plus shipping. Please e-mail me at jim@jimsoloway.com or call me at 503-977-2727.


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