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What Do You Think Of This Flame Maple?

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Hey guys, just curious to get some opinions on a flame maple neck I recently ordered. I guess for what I spent on the neck, I'm not wildly impressed with the flame maple, and I was wondering if this was common to see a neck like this. Keep in mind, I only paid for regular flame maple, and not AAA flame maple, but it seems like only half of my neck is flamed and the other half is just quartersawn. The flame is stark enough to satisfy me, but my qualm is that the top half isn't flamed. Is this characteristic of and acceptable on a regular flame maple neck?

What do you guys think? Should I say something to the builder or am I off base? Thanks.

Also, before you ask, I won't disclose the name of the builder.

Top: Very little flame


Bottom: Lots more Flame


Whole neck:


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