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Has Anyone Had Any Experience With Custom Built Guitars?

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I figured I would start a thread here to ask around because I'm in the midst of a confusing situation. I commissioned Tom Bell from Stonykill Creations in East Chatham, NY to build me a Vox Phantom style guitar body, neck and pickguard. His username here is Custom Built Guitars.

I wanted to ask here because I have seen his completed work before and know that there are people out there that he has sold guitars to. Thing is, I've been waiting since last December for this guitar. Now, I have no correspondence from him, and he is ignoring my messages and emails. This is really frustrating. He has told me on many occasions that the guitar would be done by February, and after that his response was that there was "minimal" work to be done and he would ship as soon as possible.

I haven't heard back from him since mid-October. If anyone can offer some insight, or maybe if they know him personally and will vouch for his tardiness, it would be greatly appreciated.

I know he's posted here before, he has threads here for his Phantom-esque bodies, here:




Thanks, I hate to bring it to this, but I may be out the money!

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Sorry to hear. He hasn't been active here from April. Could he has some accident or gotten sick or something? Is he still alive?

Did you pay the complete sum of money up front? Or just a part as down payment. When I build commissioned guitars I have the customers pay 50% up front to cover for parts and design if the customer bails out on me. That way the builder (not applicable on myself of cause) have a good reason to actually finish the build, ie getting paid for the labor he/she puts in. If he has started to build at all that is.

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