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Dpdt On/in/on Switch As Lp Style Pup Selector

Johnny Foreigner

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My current build it too thin for a regular LP 3 way toggle, so I'm looking at the SG style toggle, but I'm also intrigued by using something like this one:


It's a DPDT and I don't need the second poll, but I want to be sure that it will work just like an LP switch, as in:

position 1: neck

middle position: neck and bridge combined

position 2: bridge

Can anyone confirm?

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If I recall correctly, the wiring for an on/on/on switch is a little weird. You might be able to get it to work, but you would have to see the pole diagram for the switch to know exactly how to wire it up.

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I actually just did this last night for the first time.

I used this first one:



^^^ The grey line is a wire connection between the posts.

I also found these variations:



^^^ Red represents what is active in the different positions.



^^^ Blue represents what is active in the different positions.

The first one requires more solder connections, but it's pretty straight forward and much less convoluted than the other two. It'll especially be easier for a repair guy to understand quickly.

I used that same switch you posted. I couldn't solder a ground to it, so I wrapped it around the threaded post when I put it in the body.

Enjoy. :D


BTW, make sure to download those images. They're in my Dropbox account and I'll probably remove them eventually.

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