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This Is So Mechanical...


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So I have another new motor, all new couplings (not bunna-N), and all new motor mounts....

I have been told bunna-N will not fit my machine and that backlash could be an issue.

I am not building my own... if anything I will send this one to a community college to get what it deserves. Then buy a big system.

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The Colt Palm Router decided to blow up as it was cutting a very important customer guitar. Then in its death throws ate the top horn. The CNC didn't know the unit had stopped and kept trying to move... before I could get to it to stop the thing the Colt was smoking, the body was wounded, and the CNC had skipped 100 steps...

I am not sure I like machines. I am livid at this point and maybe I need a break from all this...

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I feel your pain - I bought a used K2 3295 from a friend about 2-3 years ago - it's running beautifully now, but I went through a lot of unhappy times. It blew an encoder and that took out the motor driver. Trying to fix that I killed most of the black box controller - support from K2 was utterly non-existent.

In the end I scrapped the original controller (very badly made and downright dangerous in some respects) and made a new one from scratch - the upshot is that I now completely understand how that part of the machine works so if anything else does go wrong I can put it right much more easily.

Building your own really isn't either a bad idea nor that huge an undertaking, but I do see the appeal of buying ready-made. There comes a point though where you need to cut your losses and buy or build the right tool for the job.

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I think at this point I will cut my loses with this machine. I patched it back together enough to finish this years builds. I will order a new spindle control board at some point and put this one up for sale.

I need a machine that can do aluminum so the plan is to replace this machine before next season.

I might replace it with 2 machines. One really good wood machine and one small CNC mill for aluminum and brass work.

I agree that building my own machine would be the way to go but I really don't want to spend time working on a CNC machine.

I want to build guitars. And to do that the way I want I need a CNC machine.

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You can do Al (and other non-ferrous metals like brass) on most decent CNC routers, as long as you take it slow with shallow cuts.

I've been using the JCut 6090 for just over a year, and it's been a good, relatively inexpensive (<$3k) machine that has a 24x36x6" work envelope.

There's always one on eBay:


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