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Help With Some Oddball Wiring


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Hey guys,

found myself getting more and more confused with this one and hoping someone can give me some insight.

I recently put together something of an experimental build for a mate but im having some trouble getting independent control where needed.

Breaking it down, how/is it possible to wire an additional pickup with its own stacked vol/tone control pot into a regular les paul style circuit without it controlling the regular pickups and with it being "on" regardless of the regular les paul controls.

The front 4 controls are standard LP layout and all work as needed. Then there is a push pull pot on the bottom row which when pulled kills the output of the tail pickup to the regular output (but still runs through its own output jack) It also controls the vol of the barrel jack/aux input. the last pot on the top row has been replaced with a stacked pot to control vol/tone on the tail pickup. unfortunately on the stacked pot i can't make the tone control work only for the tail pickup. it affects the master signal. the volume works independently however. the mini toggle controls the tail pickup IN PHASE/OFF/OUT OF PHASE.

Right now the tail pickup is wired in this succession - TAIL PICKUP --- PHASE SWITCH ---- STACKED VOL/TONE ---- PUSH/PULL (stops it running through main output, only through its own output) ---- OUTPUT JACK




The strings behind the regular bridge are tuned B-E-A-D-F#-B.

In hindsight i think the section above in bold is probably the only useful part of this post.

Cheers guys and input appreciated.

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In order for the tone function on the stacked pot to work independently it has to be removed from the rest of the signal chain. Since you basically have it hard-wired to the master jack it's going to function as a master tone knob. Depending on how you have it wired the push/pull pot could work as a kill switch - removing that circuit from the master chain (while leaving it intact for the independent jack). Does the tone knob in question still function as a master when the push/pull pot is pulled out? Any chance we could get a good shot of the wiring, or perhaps a diagram?

That's a very interesting concept, by the way. At least I've never seen anything like it before.

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when the pushpull is up and the rear pickup runs only to its independent output it stops acting as a master tone thankfully. i think i'm just going to have to have a chat to my friend about it as i'm getting the feeling that every independent request isn't going to work in this passive setup.

i'll get a wiring diagram up if he wants me to look into it more but for the moment I think the current setup might have to do.


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