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Poor Mans Burst With Various Dyes

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I don't know about BigD, but I've gotten my best results with Transtint (which is what stewmac rebottles, marks up, and sells as Colortone from what I hear). They've vibrant, mix with water OR alcohol (important depending on the finish you put over it), available at Woodcraft stores for easy access.... the list of positives stacks up quickly.

Also, they're good, color-fast dyes :P

My $0.02,


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Thank Chris! I'm going to be using a piece of alder for this build, doing a tele. Now I'd like to grain fill a bit as there is some blemishes and gouges, even after sanding for days. I have a water based, clear grain filler/putty and water based sanding sealer and top clear coat. Will it work to use the dyes in water if I plan to putty? Or will I need to use the alcohol based?

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