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2nd Build. Suggestions, Feedback, Constructive Criticism Appreciated

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So I recently happened to decide to make my 2nd guitar. THe first one was just a old beaten up strat I bought off a friend for 50 bucks. So this time I decided I'd try and build one from scratch. I modeled it off a PRS305 with some slight changes. I wanted a white/silver/chrome color theme and for it to be a semi-hollow. Keep in mind I didn't plan on selling it, so some design oversights I can live with on this one. I wanted a white stain on the flame maple top. The body is swamp ash.


I'm still waiting on the neck from Carvin to come. I decided on the design on the right. It'll be walnut with an ebony fretboard.


I didn't build this in house because I didn't have the tools or know-how yet. I plan on adding white pearl binding when everything else is done.

I used Lace Chrome Domes for the pickups and a TonePros Tune-O-Matic Bridge/Tailpiece pack. The pickups I bought from MIJ guitars.

This is also only my 2nd build and I'm not super experienced with woodworking. So go easy.

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