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Abalone Jem


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Hi guys,

OK, I can't wait any longer. :D:D

A few minor modifications have to be made and then it's finished al the way.

Notice the clear cavityplates and the dull black hardware.

I'm so proud of her. B)B)

Enjoy, more photo's comming soon.




Thanks for a the help you guys gave me! B):D:D

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Guest AlexVDL

Hey Johan, finally I can see the finished product... and I love it!!!!!

You did a perfect job on the swirl man, absolutely stunning. As great as the Glen's maybe even better :D

Let us know how it sounds!!

I'm glad my drawings worked out for ya!!!


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That is absolutely SA-MOKIN!!! :D

I love it man. Really.

Wish I could do what you did there.

You're choice of colors is f-in fantastic, I can't stop looking at it.

I mean, I WANT that guitar! B)


BTW, did you know it was going to come out like that, or every time you do a swirl, you have an idea, but never 'really' know what's going to come of it until you actually do it? Seems almost impossible to really know in advance what's going to go down beforehand.

Man, you need to do a tut on that stuff, you da man! :D

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Guest AlexVDL

Man I'm glad the pickguard is the right size!! Did the neck fit the body smoothly or did you have to reshape it a bit?

Man oh man... you gotta love AutoCad + CNC :D

btw the trem looks awesome!

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I'm speachless (which doesn't amke for an interesting post). :D

Wanna marry mty sister?

Is your sister as beuatiful as "MY PRECIOUS"?

No I don't think so. No woman or guitar can replace this one.

Well maybe a JEM 10th could. Anyone?

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