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First Design- Tele Neck With Tune-o-matic Bridge?


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Hi everyone,

I'm currently on a backpacking holiday in australia and thought to myself, why don't I design a guitar while I have the time?=)

So I started drawing something that looks like a Gibson Johnny A., and when I get home, start designing it properly and start the shaping,... Now I was wondering, is there any problem with using a tune-o-matic bridge with a telecaster neck? I did some research and I found out about the angle for the neck, so I know about that. But I don't know if there is a problem with the space between the strings on the side of the bridge, because the neck of a telecaster is slimmer than the neck on a gibson..

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Thanks in advance!!

Best regards,


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Easiest solution might be to find a pre-made neck with the woods that you want to use and make sure it has the correct width for your string spacing and the nut width that you want, and just get one with a paddle head. Then you can cut a Telecaster style head and still have a neck that fits what you want. That will probably be easier than finding a Tele neck with the specs that you need.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I forgot to mention that I was going to buy the telecaster neck preshaped (something like: http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Bodies,_necks,_wood/Electric_guitar_necks/Replacement_Neck_for_Tele_Guitar.html ), I don't really mind the shape of the head, but I like the neck of the telecaster because of the fact that it is a bit less wide than the neck of a gibson. So will that still be possible with a TOM (do they come in different sizes)? Or is there an other alternative for a TOM? Because the body is curved, I can't put a regular tele bridge on it.. (Am I correct about this or?)

Then, thanks for mentioning the radius, I didn't really think about this (that's because of the fact that the fretboard of a tele isn't entirely flat right?) Do you think that will really be noticable?

Thanks again!


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That bridge looks like a good alternative to a TOM for you. It's adjustable for spacing and radius, so it's very versatile. You might (maybe) need to make a flat spot on the body for it to sit on ?

As for TOM's - yes. They do come in varis radii and spacings. Jackson uses a 20" radius on theirs and i think Tele necks are a 9.5" radius, which would make your outter strings higher off the fretboard than the center strings. :/

That Schaller you linked to looks like a great ( safe ) alternative to a TOM.

Good luck with your project.

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These have an adjustable string spread and will work with the radiused top,but is a 14" radius


This one is a 12" radius with unknotched saddles..this is the one I ould use,since you can knotch the saddles at the correct string spacing for the neck and just make the knotches deeper on the outside saddles to change it to a 9.5" radius to match the neck you want.The difference between the two radii is not much


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