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A Nice Pair!

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HAWHAW, now that I've got your attention ... :D Here is a relatively rare sight. I just finished repairing these two guitars, owned by separate people but with similar ailments. (The guitars, not the owners)


They are Yamaki Daion acoustics built between 1978 and 1984 in Japan. The 6-string belongs to a co-worker, and the 12-string to a friend of mine. Both had structural bracing issues, ridiculously high action due to top warping, bridges rolling forward, the usual. Either not enuf glue or temp/humidity applied to hide glue over a long time caused bracing to pop off and then string pressure took over.

The 6-string just had loose bracing, fairly easy job, just glue and clamp, thats worth a box of beer. The 12-string was difficult to assess and repair thru the sound hole. I glued the loose braces back down (hope I got'em all :D) and I had to replace the bridge plate and remove and reglue the bridge to put the top profile back to original specs. A lot of work and my buddy owes me large on this one. B) The strings are right on the deck and ring clear as a bell, a real player!

The Daions were made of good material, natural wood bindings and soundhole rosettes, very good tone just a bit lacking in the glue area. They also featured brass nut and bridge saddle. Cool guitar as far as acoustics go.

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