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A Real Beater.

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I may as well start a thread for this critter. Its a repair/restoration of sorts on a Hamer Slammer Explorer copy owned by a co-worker. He says it was owned by someone living in the realms of meth-head culture :D More like "meathead" culture considering the repair attempts made on a cracked neck pocket. get a load of this!



more pics here

I figure this one is salvageable, and a challenge not to mention good practice. Repairs have already started but I'm curious to see what kind of input you folks have.

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Just going through what I've started and left unfinished. "Loose threads" as it were. So here is some closure for this particualr thread. The guy picked up the guitar way back in June and said, "Sorry, I don't have any money! The wife is spending it all!" I should not have let him take possession. I've talked to him twice since then, he has 4 kids and has split with his wife. Its a good thing I don't really need the money (only $250) and I DO feel like a bit of a sucker because I actually dropped 70 bucks on a case for the guitar. If this wasn't just a hobby I would have taken the usual precautions and got some money up front. You will always meet a few deadbeats along the way and sometimes circumstances will take you where you do not want to go, sh*t happens, kinda stinks too!

heres the guitar:


... I hope he enjoys it.

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sorry to hear you got ripped off, but hopefully karma will sort him out along the way.

As for the guitar looks really nice repair. How did you repair it?

I was trying to think what i'd do (being a complete beginner) and i was thinking perhaps i would have routed out the entire piece from the pocket to the rear and glued in a new piece. overkill?

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Ah well, ya can't get blood from a stone...sometimes. I saw the guy last week at work (he on daysshift, I work 4-12) and he was very apologetic and ashamed of himself. We have a few mutual friends/acquaintances that I got to put the squeeze on him. But I think it probably was a little reckless on his part to approach me with the project in the first place.

The paint is a candy pearl metallic urethane. I made a new pickguard out of clear scuff resistant acrylite and sprayed the back with gunmetal metallic duplicolor. All the broken area was soaked thru with West Systems epoxy (great stuff). If its going the break again it will be the surrounding wood. There was a crack runing along the front that wouldn't quite close so I laid down some light grey pinstriping and then sealed it up with urethane clear. I didn't do much with the neck, just cleaned it up and polished the frets and more epoxy in the heel crack. I'm glad I didn''t install one of my good high output DiMarzios (like I said I would:), just a regular HB and the neck HB came with the guitar. Its been so many guitars ago that I forgot if I supplied the TOM and stop tailpiece, one or the other, I forget.

Next time I see him I'll just ask for the guitar, try to sell it and take my 250.

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