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Grain Enhancement

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I've just cleared this mahogany neck, I've enhanced the grain by rubbing ebony grain filler all over the neck and sanding back before clear.

This is a complete different style of finishing to what I'm used to and I'm just experimenting at the moment, I was curious what other styles of grain enhancement yoiu guys have been doing? ie: POST PICS and explain how you did it...!


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I don't have pictures, nor do I own the guitar any more, but a cool way to "enhance" grain without doing the usual "fill it with something dark then sand back" routine", is to burnish the wood before sealing. I used rosewood saw dust to do a maple neck, took forever, but looked incredible. I will be doing it again soon when I wrap up my parker project, and Ill post pictures of it when I do it then.

Basically the process involves taking an oily wood (I imagine cocobolo would be amazing for this), and "rubbing it in" really hard. Probably would kick butt on swamp ash or other large grain patteren woods.

These are the only images I could find online to kinda represent what I am talking about.

Left side is unburnished, right side is burnished


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op, what kind of clear did you use on that and how did you finish it? that looks really nice!

I only use 2k products. This is my favorite clear, PPG D800. It'll have a different code in the USA, over here it's about $480.00 a can plus hardner plus thinners.

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