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Small Amount Of Evo Fretwire Needed!

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What size wire? I have a few frets' worth of the FW-74 size from LMI. I'm not sure if it's long enough for all six, though, I will have to check.

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I can send you some - I have 2 sizes -one of them might be the FWG110 which is the EVO version of the FW57110 (I ordered it a while ago and can't remember for sure what I ordered). I'll measure it when I get into the shed later today. You're welcome to some, but it might take a bit longer to get to you from Australia. PM me if you need it.

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Thanks Brian. PM sent (well, about to be).

@Ripthorn I copied the Jescar designation for the wire from their site which I think may differ from LMI's. It is certainly the big wire! I think Brian has me covered for the moment though.

@avengers63 Yep. That's the one. My favourite thing ever at the moment. Like stainless, but without the swearing and with a nice beer-like colour.

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