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I just scored a ton of really cool paint dirt cheap and I'll tell you how to do the same!

Seem's in every city there is usually at least one guy that's doing the complete custom $1200-2000 paint jobs for the car club circuit on the side to make a few extra bucks.

Find out who it is and give him a visit, chances are he has ton's of left over cool paint's that aren't enough to do anything but take up space on the shelf!

His first reaction when I approched him was he was saving them for touch-up's, so I asked how often does that happen? That turned him around to my corner B)

I just scored big time in metal flakes, chrome illusion and candy colors for $25

Sure some of them I'll never use myself but it's always fun to have a varity of paints that range up to $300 a quart laying around to play with on a whim :D

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Great tip Brian! Better yet, make friends with the body shop guy, and get to use his spraybooth, or even get the paint applied when he is painting a car, or part.

I am a dirt track racer in the summer. Our local shop sponsors a couple of racers, and keeps touching up their cars through the season. I really liked the color of a Modified running at the track, so I talked him into shooting a few coats on a Strat, while he was doing a new hood and roof after a wreck. All was well until the driver saw it, and ended up liking it too. I ended up selling it to him, and his kid plays it now. (I've seen him gigging with it, it looks great, and sounds fantastic... Although that may be talent, more than the guitar)

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