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Cnc Damper Feet


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Ive been looking around at places like Granger for machine feet. Nobody seems to carry what I'm looking for in metric M8. So, I made a set similar to the ones I made for my 60gal compressor. My table is a sturdy wood construction that is mounted to my basement wall. I want to dampen the sound & vibration as much as possible. I was able to find the parts at my local Ace Hardware store. Total cost was less than $15.00...Thought I'd share


4 - 1" thick rubber stoppers that taper from 1 5/8" to 2"

4 - M8 x 1.25 flange head bolts approx 1 1/4" long

4 - 5/16" washers 3/4" OD

4 - 5/16" washers 1 1/2" OD

4 - M8 x 1.25 nuts

First I vised up a scrap piece of MDF in the mill, and cut a 1 3/4" hole with a forstner bit.


The taper in the rubber plug fit nice & snug in the hole. Then I cut a 1/2" deep blind hole in the bottom of the plug with a 3/4" forstner bit. The rubber actually cuts smooth, but it heats up the bits fast.


After that I used a 3/8" forstner bit to go the rest of the way through. Put the small washer in the bottom hole, the large washer on the top, and the lock nut to hold together.




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