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Anyone Building A Duplicarver ?

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I'm going to an auction this Saturday and I see that this "sign maker" is one of the advertised items:


My experience with these auctions so far is that these more specialized things go pretty cheap. Is anyone interested in trying to work out a trade if I can get this thing at a good price ? I'd be interested in pickups, lumber, tools, just about anything.

Give me a shout if you're interested.


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Thats a "Marlin". I have the full sized one.

If you have fantasies about using it like a cheap CNC, forget it. I hardly use mine, it lives under a plastic sheet. By the time I bought it, shipped it to Australia and payed taxes the thing owes me over two grand. That could have gone towards much more useful tools.

I bought it for neck duplication, but it's quicker to make them freehand. Plus nearly every second neck I tried to use the Marlin for I screwed the neck up.

You can't use it for pickup cavities etc as they're simply not accurate. They have flex, so your lines will not be straight etc. Definitely can't use them to cut out bodies.

They do have their purposes, but for guitar building I'd suggest saving your money - I wish I spent mine more wisely.


In this pic it looks like I'm routing a neck cavity - no, it's already routed. I weas just adding a neck cavity angle. But you can do this just by shimming your neck pocket template which is the way I'll be doing it usually as the copy carver is just too messy and I end out having to finish it by hand anyway.

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