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Prs Style Build

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This is my first build in about 3 years. I finally came into some decent tools, and have some wood saved so here we go.


PRS Custom 24 Semi Hollow with 1 F Hole

PRS Scale

24 Fret

5A Flamed Maple Book Matched Top

Body is Ash 2 piece

Neck is curly maple laminated, with a 5a Birdseye Board

Maple Top


Ash Body


This suckers Heavy!!!


Fooling around with some stain mixtures.


Top and body


Hollow pattern

Comments and concerns please!

Feels great to be back.

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Maple neck and board would look fine over this top, plenty of contrast. As for the ash back one option would be to grain fill in a color you find in the top, the dark reddish brown maybe, then finish it natural, in other words shoot clear after the grain fill.


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Like a Dark red around the edges into the lighter red? I was also talking to a local luthier who is the head luthier for j buckland designs, and he told me something that really made alot of sense when it comes to making bodies/top... He said Glue your maple to each piece of your body seperately, and then join those and glue them. That way your joint is a perfect cross at the end grain, looks good, and you have no issue of centering top to bodies and all that. Really made alot of sense.

And yeah I know the argument of well Im good and can keep center and all that is there, but I really think that I am going to definitely utilize that for my future builds.

What do yall think?

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I calculated that I would need a 3 degree neck pocket angle. I have also read that alot of guys put the pups on the same plane. Is this the proper way to layout for this cut? I also plan on using my mykas necj jig to rout the angle to the top of the body.


I marked at the very back (bridge side) of the bridge pickup, on the side of the body, and then again at where the neck joins the body. I then measured down a 1/4 inch where the neck meets the body, and drew my line to the mark made behind the bridge pickup, marking the 1/4 inch drop from bridge to neck. Is this right, or should the angle continue to the very back of the horns?


A shot of some Flamey goodness.


Belly Carve


Another belly carve shot

Also its been awhile since I have built a guitar, and I am having a hard time remembering the process to achieve the PRS Faux Binding. Do you use a rabetting bit to take it out until the horns?

Comments Suggestions.

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To route the pickups on the same plane, just make a nice long template for the route that sits on the Myka jig just like the rails. That way, the routes are at 3degrees too. Then When you make the pickup rings, sand the bottoms so they're at 3degrees too.



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