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Wtb: Small Ibex Planes

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I'm looking to get a couple more Ibex finger planes so I figured I'd check here to see if anyone's got any they're not using that they'd want to sell, first?

I've got the larger ones but keep wanting some smaller ones, especially with this violin project I've got that I slowly work on here and there.

Either way, I'd be interested in any of the following in a round-bottom format: 30mm (most wanted), 25mm, or 36mm (least wanted).

If you're sittin' on some you don't use, let me know :D


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I use my 90mm "cello plane" from Ibex the most. The 40-something mm one I use here and there. But it's JUST too big for some parts for the cutaway area. That and I have a violin project now :D I'd be super interested if you're looking to let the small guy go (and it's the right size) Scott. Thanks,


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