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Romaxx Cnc For Sale

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This has been my primary CNC since 2010. With the new larger machine, this one will just gather dust instead of making it. So in anticipation of the new machine being fully operational by June, I figured I'd "test the waters" to see if anyone here is interested before I list in on Ebay. I wont be ready to move this until June or July. Total shipping weight is about 170lbs. It will have to ship on a small skid. Shipping cost is approx $150 to $180 depending on the destination.

This will be a complete turn key setup. I will include a dedicated Dell Optiplex 520 PC, and a brand new Dewalt 611 router. The system will be set up to "plug and play". When I bought this, I got all the "bells & whistles". My total cost on this system was approx $7000.00. I plan on listing it here for around $3250 + shipping. If it goes to Ebay it will be higher.

Specs: Romaxx WD1 24" x 36" ROMAXX WEBSITE Purchased in Oct, 2009


Aluminum table

Dust foot

Closed loop encoders

MPG wheel

Extra spindle bracket for a PC 892 router

External keypad rapid controller

What will not be included: Tooling, Mach3 license ($159.00), basic CNC knowledge, CAD/CAM software (to generate the files to run Mach 3)

Ron at Romaxx is very good about standing behind his machines. It was recently sent back to Romaxx to be "freshened up". It has new upgraded bearings. Ron didnt charge me anything for the service. He even threw in additional "extra" bearings to have on hand. I told him I eventually planned on selling it. He assured me that he stands behind his machines even after they change hands.

Drawbacks to this machine:

This machine is perfect for CNC luthiery. It's large enough for doing bodies & necks, yet small enough to do inlay work. However, bass necks are too long to do on this machine. The WD1 is between a hobby level machine, and a production machine. It has served me well. There is a certain amount of Z flex (as with all machines this size). But I can still put out tight inlay work without a problem:


Email me or PM me if you are seriously interested.



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