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Guitar of the Month for June  

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This month ,they are all GOTM .This is one of the best batches I have seen in along time.I don't usually remark on GOTM .

Anyway ,I voted for Metal tele.....classic 54 was second for me.

The reason I voted for Metal is: the whole theme was just great,and classy.Of coarse it would be one I would love to own.

I just can't convay my thoughts into words ,thus why I don't respond to these very often.The guitar deserves more than I have said.

This is just a great bunch of guitars,bass,and acoustics.....love them all.

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I agree with Dean, this month was massive compared to previous months. Many guitars and all of them are brilliant in their own way. Very diverse collection also which is great for us to learn from and simply admire!

There is not one guitar here that would not deserve a spot on stage or in a guitar shop. They all achieve that professional standard and they all deserve a standing applause. Congrats everyone.

ANDYT - I commend you on the snakeskin - I've seen it done before with snake skin and cow skin and all sorts of other stuff, but to have the balls to do it, congrats. On top of that you pulled it off, so thumbs up. It's not a guitar I'd want to own, but it's great and the build quality is up to par with what forum members have come to expect from you.

bghk6581 - Nice build. I'm not a lefty so it looks disslexic to me, but the timber choices and binding color all work. Not a fan of the missmatched cavity covers, but many people like this look. As a finished piece though = Nice guitar.

Juntunen - You know I like this one. Only thing that I can nit pick (which is just my preference) is I'm not a fan of the headstock shape, other than that, this guitar is pure class and it shows you have a great gift.

Mitch - If you're only 17 and building guitars like this already - you have a great future ahead of you. You must have some sort of mentor helping you? There a few things that jump out at me (taste wise) that I don't like, but man, you're 17 and you built this. I hope you hang around the forum and keep posting your builds, it'd be great to see them evolve over the years.

hooglebug I disslike the shape, but everything else is excellent. Very very professional build. Everything seems perfect. Good work

Bukoffshy - THe workmanship seems top shelf, but like all your builds it's a little too plain for my tastes. For those that like plain however I'm sure they'll bow down to your skills.

postal - It's been a while since I've seen one of your builds, good to see you're still at it and screaming ahead by the looks of it. This guitar is pretty cool, it's loud, the color contrasts are great. Shame the pics are too small to see detail.

Sardine - This is a guitar that if I saw it in the shop I'd pick it up to admire. Excellent everything on all accounts. If I had to find something I didnt like the bridge stands out to me, but I hate bigsbys and those style too, all over though this thing is brilliant. Awesome work.

pauliemc - Why'd it have to be a leftie that commissioned this! Great looking guitar on all accounts, Leftie and the middle pickup kill it for me, but other than that it's a beatiful guitar and very well made. Makes me wat to build something similar!

oblaty - I'm not a bass player so I find it hard to like basses unless teres something that really stands out about them. I've never really followed fender and similar guitars so I don't know if the scratch plate is a stock style or something you come up with, but it looks too big for my tastes, not a fan of the headstock, but the build as a whole looks well executed and finished nicely.

whalehazard - I've always liked white with lack binding, screams sexy. I disslike gibson V shapes, I like pointy v's and I dont like the headstock shape, but somehow the white with black binding seems to mellow out the things I dont like. Overall great build.

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Demonx- After seeing this build I was wondering why you posted your self doubts thread since your builds always look clean and well built.

Andyt - Normally I'm not a tele fan but this one I found cool. Not only did it have a floyd and humbucker but it also had the distressed and worn look to the hardware which I thought blended in nicely with the snakeskin which I had never seen done before.

BGHK6581- I voted for this one. I really like the look of plain wood and nothing flashy, I think they look a lot better than painted and super flashy guitars, good job.

Mitch - I like that you used oak. For some reason when people use oak for something besides furniture it grabs my attention imediately. A luthier by me builds with oak all the time and his acoustic guitars sound fantastic I think. However I don't think I would have used this top, it's just not something I would choose. Don't give up building though it's sweet that you are building at 17.

Hooglebug - I honestly didn't really care for this one. I'm not a fan of goldtops or the shape of this one guitar.

Bukoffsky - I'm not sure why but this was just too plain for me. I think something about the headstock is why I think that.

Postal - I love double necks but I've never been able to get into double neck V's to me the bodies always look small but it was still a sweet build.

Sardine - Looking at the neck made me think "This is what would happen if Ovation met RAD" Looks really nice. I left the show in Red Wing before yours was played, I bet it sounded pretty good.

Pauliemc - Reminded me of my Schecter and I enjoy Schecters, nice job. :D

Oblaty - I've never really been a fan of those thin bursts and headstocks with only one tuner on a side but it looks really nicely built.

Whalehazard - This probably would have gotten my vote if it had the Gibson style headstock. Gibson style V's don't look complete in my eyes without it.

All these guitar this month were nicely built. I usually hate making these comments going over everyones guitars because it's hard to not sound like a dick or only pick out the things you don't like but a little constructive criticizum doesn't hurt anyone. :D

Demonx my headstock was questionable to me at first. When I first sketched it out I wasn't to sure on it but the more I looked at it the more it grew on me. I've never been a fan of really intricate headstocks and usually prefer the more basic designs and this was also my first 3x3 headstock so I'm happy with it.

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I concur. This was a horrible month for voters - absolutely unfair. I'd vote for almost all of them.

It was like asking,

"Would you like ice cream and fudge sauce, or fudge sauce and ice cream?"

"I don't know; which one is better?"

"Both of them."

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So many guitars, so much talent, so difficult to decide :D

I've finally settled on Juntunen's Padauk Dreadnaught, based purely on the fact that it is a more difficult build than solids, and he made such a good job of it :D

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I've never voted for a "graphics" guitar and possibly won't ever again, but the Butterfly Tele is the sweetest graphics guitar I've ever seen.

All other entries were stunning, too.

Congrats to absolutely every one this month.


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Just thought I would throw this out there.I know someone would like to be the winner ,but could this month ,all of them be winners.I truly believe they are all winners.Some appeal to use more then others, but build wise they are all tops.

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Haven't you ever watched highlander?

Exactly, There can be only one !!

& I rekon it should be a lefty PRS type thingy.

Come on all you backwards wired lefty weirdos !! get voting !!

Come to think of it, There are 2 backward wired weirdo guitars in this month.

Rediculious amount of entries, rediculious level of build standard & 2 lefties, Whats next ? COTM Corvus Of Them Month :D

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I still haven't voted... can't decide. SO lets hand out compliments/kicks in the arse.

Demonx -

Compliment - Nice execution. Good story to go with a good build. Well done.

KIA - Not sure I have one for this build as it is what it is.

Andyt -

Compliment - Awesome. I think Warren DeMartini called and he wants his tele! Way cool Jr. I would take it and play it.

KIA - Not sure I like the aged hardware... or maybe I do and am mad I didn't think of it first.


Compliment - Nice craftsmanship. I would never try Ambrosia maple on a LP but I think you managed to pull it off nicely here. Great build.

KIA - For me rustic and LP don't go together... maybe a tele next time with the same woods.

Juntunen -

Compliment - Nice. This was well excecuted and came out looking very classic. I would play it (and I love my D15).

KIA - No Kick in the arse for this one...

Mitch -

Compliment - Kid you have a bright future.

KIA - None

Hooglebug -

Compliment - I like gold tops and it was hard not to vote for this. Excellent as always.

KIA - But in the end if I am going to play a gold top it will be a LP with minihumbuckers... but this would be the next GoldTop I would play.

Bukoffsky -

Compliment - I like simple. This is a nice build... good work with the dummy coil. A real workhorse.

KIA - I liked the colors on the last one you posted better than this one. I like my P90s noisy... no need for a dummy coil.

Postal -

Compliment - Yeah... I like the double V but not a fan of the graffics. Looks like quality construction.

KIA - Paint it black and hand it back to me and I will riff out "In My Darkest Hour" until I drop.

Sardine -

Compliment - Excellent build. Excellent design. I like the neck lams... looks familiar.

KIA - Except for the bunnies in the rosette I really like this. Build me another one with a bunnieless rosette and I will take it.

Pauliemc -

Compliment - Nothing to say. You are the man and build killer guitars... Nice finish, excellent end results.

KIA - I am not a fan of PRS, tremolos, or trying to play left handed. I will take a different one off your hands though.

Oblaty -

Compliment - Very clean. I think this came out great. It is so clean I would have sworn it was a production model. Excellent work.

KIA - You get a pass

Whalehazard -

Compliment - Innovative inside a traditional vintage box. I like the mixed metaphor... It came off pretty well.

KIA - Not sure I could play anything other than John Winter comfortably on it... not that that is a bad thing.

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