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Guitar Electronics Books? (And May Be Pedals And Amps)

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Does anyone know of any really good thorough modern guitar electronics books? (preferably one that takes you from a complete beginner all the way to advanced stuff).

Would also be nice to have sections on pedals, what components and circuits are creating what effects and how (may be even amp stuff, but not important).

This book seems to be the best I've found so far, but various reviews have stated it as being very outdated, has anyone read it?




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I have read the Brosnac book (and have had it since the 1980s !). It's a bit simplistic and the information in it is (nowadays) freely available on the web.

I recommend http://www.scribd.com/doc/64028088/Electronics-for-Guitarists which starts with an exploration of the effect of component values in passive circuits within guitars, proceeds through how classic effects pedals work and ends with how valve amps are designed. There are example schematics for the effects and amps.

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Actually, if you dig through the old books you come up with some of the best stuff. RA Penfold was my hero :-D

Also, I dug through the university libraries in the UK and came up with loads of old electronics magazines dating back to the eighties. All of the basics were covered including logically explained extensions of those ideas. Simple things like assymetrical clipping across op-amp stages to induce even order harmonics less than odd order, using germanium diodes for soft clipping, transposing the dynamics of the input signal onto that of a distorted one, etc.


This is a great buy:


I would like to acquire this:


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