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Well, as some of you may have noticed is that I took quiet the internet break, and in the 2 weeks I've pumped up almsot two guitars, this is one of them. The other (superstrat) just needs the bridge posts and tuners drilled, which I'll do eventually.

The camera was gone for most of the time, so I was only able to snap these pics now, and one with an iphone a bit back.


Body Shape: Les Paul Double Cut

Hardware Colour: Chrome


Construction: set

Tuners: grover sta-tites, 18:1

Nut size/material: bone, 44mm

String Spacing: 7mm

#of frets: 22

Neck wood: wenge/padauk/wenge

Fretboard: rosewood

Scale: 24 3/4

Radius: 12

Headstock shape: wave

Headstock Angle: 13

Bindings: n/a

Inlay: pearloid dots, 4mm

Finish: tung oil, gloss


Wood: Spanish cedar, mahogany top

Contours: arm, belly

Bindings: n/a

Bridge: TOM string thru, black ferrules

Strap Buttons:chrome

Finish: tung oil, poly - gloss


Pickup Config: 1 Humbucker

Bridge: GFS Dream 90

Pickgaurd: black plastic

Switch: n/a

Controls: 1 vol 1 tone

Control Cavity Material: plastic

Knobs: black speed

Top wood (cut from same board)


Before it got the logo, and bridge recessed








Complete, with 2 oil coats on



Total time was about 80 hours or so, without sanding

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no love?

Actually, I do. I saw this a couple of days ago and got pulled away before I got a post up. I love the chevrons on the top. How do you like working the Spanish Cedar? I've just used it for the first time and found it softer thatn what I'm used to. It worked easily enough....I just kept having to fix little dents. I hope it sounds good.


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thank you, they came out perfectly this time. Its fine for me, it smells a bit bitter and dents very easily, and was taking oil a bit weird at first, and its more brown then 'normal' mahogany, but I'll get used to it. It's defiantly has a nice tap tone and is light.

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I always loved not filling the pores with grain filler. it always looks so bad ass and natural. I'm pretty sure im wrong but wouldnt this allow the guitar to age and breath also once the finish shrinks a bit?

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