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Aside from the ubiquitous Telecasters, I usually try to stick to my own body shapes; but I got a request for an Explorer a while back, and thought y'all might like to see how it turned out:


The top is yellow poplar barnwood, sanded down below the weathering.

The back is sassafras, and the neck is maple and walnut (this is the other portion of the stock I glued up for my "from the beginning" thread.)


The customer wanted something to fill some of the real estate behind the bridge, and a bit of ebay motors browsing turned up this lovely 1958 Buick hood emblem, which I set into a round recess in the body:


The pickguard is made from some aluminum sheeting that I imagine came from an old commercial freezer unit or something.

For the headstock, I went with the original V shape one, but tweaked it a bit to maintain proper string clearance around the posts:


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You my friend are an artist and a luthier. That is the most awesome thing I have seen (at least since the last thing you built)....

Your use of random vintage and weathered objects is incredible....

I think I need to go practice working on my stuff now. :read

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Whoa...outstanding. At first it seemed that there is sound hole behind that hood emblem. Mmm.... I can imagine a semi-hollow explorer, with such a sound hole placement and cover. One of those semihollow explorer thingies has been on my build plans for a long long time. Now you just got me inspired again. Thank you

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