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Matte Finish, On Metallic Paint?

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G'day everyone,

I apologise if this sounds like a really stupid question, but is it possible to acheive a matte finish on a metallic colour? If so, how would I go about it?

You see, I have my heart set on a paint colour for my epi Les Paul - it's called titanium grey, and was an automotive paint on the Mazda RX-8, MX-5 etc - posted a pic of the colour below.

The thing is, though, I also have my heart set on a matte finish... and titanium grey is a metallic colour.

Any advice would be appreciated. I have just set up a makeshift booth in the garage and am going to start a few practice runs this weekend, using old strat copies I scored at a garage sale.

As the project guitar - once I graduate from the practice strats - is an LP300 with loads of clear coat, I'm not planning to be take the body all the way back to bear wood - rather I plan to be sanding back, filling, priming and painting. I hope this is the right approach.


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My understanding is that as long as your final coat is satin, it doesn't matter what the rest are. The lower coats can be as glossy as you want and it will still be satin. The same is true if you do it the other way. If you build several coats of a satin finish, and do one glossy coat on the outside, it will be glossy. I've never done it, but so saith Bob Flexner.

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