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New Wood Haul Day


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Since no one in my life gives a rats behind about lumber... I will share with people who do ;)

Just found this guy on craigslist saying he clears out trees in the area. He wanted 50 cents a board foot and mentioned he had some woods Id be interested in... Well he did NOT disappoint.

I bought 30 feet of 7.5" x 1 /18" curly maple

20 Feet of 20" x 2" Tulipwood

And.... my favorite score, about 15 feet of 1 1/8" x 9" (diagonal cut) figured walnut... He pulls out this gorgeous peice and tells me he bookmatched it for a guy that makes gun stocks.

All of this lumber cost me 60$.

Car full...


most of it is curly maple like this, figure is very deep and goes through the board on all peices :


And the real score of the day, this is a bookmatched peice, so the other half is very similar to this already large peice lol.



and its no thin top either..... :D


thoughts welcome and appreciate ;)

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Thanks Bob...

I never knew we had tulip wood over this way, I always thought it was a semi tropical!

Shows you how bad my wood geography is, which is probably worse than my regulay geography, lol.

I hope you can get yourself some of that juicy curly maply in 10/4 rough quartersawn and 8" wide some amazing bookmatch carvetops.

What you have looks like it would make beautiful one piece Strat and Tele necks.

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