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Jazzmaster Bridge Position

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I've chosen to go with a jazzmaster bridge for my current build, however i'm a bit unshure of where to position it exactly :P

Should i place it at the same distance from the nut as a tune-o-matic? shuld it be placed in an angle like a t-o-m? the scale length is 24.724" or 628mm


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First of all, adjust the high "e" bridge saddle as far forward as it will go (as close to the fretboard as possible), then adjust it back again just about one turn.

Measure the exact distance from the point where the fretboard meets the nut to the centre of the 12th fret. The highest point on the bridge saddle for the high "e" should be exactly that same distance from the centre of the 12th fret.

You don't need to fit the bridge at an angle as the range of adjustment is more than on a TOM bridge. Check out photos of the Jazzmaster and you will see they are all set straight


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in my tests the strings touches the bridge and screws. Is this a problem?

You should be able to do string through without the strings fouling on the bridge by having the through holes further away from the bridge, therefore reducing the break angle.

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