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Shakin' The Tree of Guitars, Baby!


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I went back and answered most of the questions in captions above the pictures, hope that answers most everyone's questions.

Thanks! :D I LOVE shooting finishes!

And PS, once you can do this stuff, there's no big deal to keeping them, you can always do another one.

I haven't posted pics of the keepers yet, I'm just kind of going thru the pile here and posting interesting bodies.

PS, the tutorial is already in place, there's nothing special going on here.

Stain black and sand back most of the time, wipe-on basecoat color, 'bursting colors mixed in with the lacquer. That's about it, nothing out of the ordinary.

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The tree you see behind most of the pics is where I shoot 'em, hanging from the old trusty Maple out back.

One summer day I was shooting like, 12 bodies, they were all hanging from the tree. A neighbor stopped by and she said it looked like a Christmas guitar tree. B)

Yeah, but you smashed them

:D hehehe, from the dust they came, to the dust they must return! :D

I do keep the ones I like, if that's any consolation! :D


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