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Repairing My Bike

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Meh it happens! It was more of a boredom build then anything, I was bored, the torches and welder was there sharing at me, going plaaaaay with meeeeee.

For what I have invested, I could flip it for over 3 times what i got into it and be laughin, so we will see, I am still looking for an old shovel head

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You might not agree with it Wes but I'm thinking about modding the XS11 into a screaming fast bike. I don't want a cafe bike but I might just get some lower straight bars and rear sets.

I'm not 100% about doing it but I'm very tempted. These things can get very fast.

I might either do up the XS or look for a Vmax but I really don't need a 4th bike in the garage.

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I hear you. It's actually my Dad that really wants me to mod it so I'm not fully committed yet.

I actually like small, light bikes that handle well.

I had a blast on a little RD125 with a modern mono-shock suspension that was setup very well . I could go as fast around corners as I could in a straight line. 70 miles an hour never seemed so fast with the motor screaming at high RPMs.

...post #1000 :wOOt

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