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Too Much Tone Control In My New Lp

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So, I picked up an Epiphone LP Ultra.( used 2008 model ) The one with the Nanomag pickup in the fretboard. It sounds great the only issue i have with it is the controls. They are WHACKED.

One volume knob works as intended ,but the other three controls act like phase knobs/semi-tone pots. Should be two V and two T's but it's not. I opened it up to take a peek and found a circuit board with pots attached to it, no "regular" pots and wiring. :/ ( the nanomag has its own PCB on the back seperate from the 4 pots. ) I searched online and found no similar issues.

Any ideas? I'm tempted to trash the circuit board and wire it up myself.

I'll try to make a video and describe the problem better, but there it is.... A LP with whacky pots.

Any suggestions?

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