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First Build - A Nylon String Superstrat

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Thanks everybody!

having purcashed an actual drill press I finally nearly managed to get a process down for making knobs with the hole for the tuner shaft reasonably centered. So I redid the volume knob (and made a couple more while I was at it)


Some more photos with the new volume knob. (I oiled it this time to match the top finish, the previous one was dipped in nitro)



The final thing I need to do is a sound demo video. This is coming soon. Then I'm starting another batch of builds :D

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I am proud of it, last year when I was starting this I had no idea if I'll be able to make a working guitar. I finished this one and two others that I worked on in parallel and I'm happy with the way they came out.

Now - I'm getting ready to start preparing the templates for the next ones. My pile of top and fingerboard woods "for the future" is growing and I have a list of 10 or so guitars and basses that I want to try building. So yes - I think I'm addicted.

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Thanks a lot guys! I wasn't really sure what to expect from the Ghost system here, this whole guitar was basically an experiment, but indeed the sound is very usable. I just needed to cut the lows a bit, it was too boomy, plus I'd probably boost the top a little still. But other than that it really sounds pretty good just recorded direct.

Maybe this guitar will motivate me to learn some classical or flamenco pieces... too bad I'm now spending most of my free time building instead of playing :P

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Well it has given me more impetus to follow up on my ideas of incorporating transducers similar to the GHOST in a couple of future projects. I was pleasantly surprised about how much it sounded like it should sound, if that makes sense. Awesome. Plus, Innuendo wins points with me all the time.

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