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Came back from summer holiday and realised I'd nearly run out of wood, so popped down the local supplier who had actually moved nearer to me (result) & picked up some body wood and bits and pieces.

Lime and sapelle planks for the bodies, some flame maple and bubinga for necks, didn't have any rosewood so used what I had for fingerboards

Plan couple of Ibanez JS's but 24 fret ones & a couple of 7 string RG copies to be swirled

Used the last of my rosewood neck blanks & maple & bubinga for the others



couple of wenge that I had lying around, maple and ebony, doh ran out of fretwire as well


couple of lime bodies for the JS's


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sketch out the contour lines & it the edges with a roundover bit, doesn't do much but seems to get the shaping started, then attack with the angle grinder - so quick on basswood its like carving butter


aanj for the back


quick mock up


& a shot of primer


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few more pics, and also 2ked the maple neck one.





and to add the usual do woods effect the tone I was quite surprised how different they do sound. Bodies from the same plank of wood, same hardware, electrics and bridge humbucker, just the neck difference.

Rosewood and wenge board, warmer, fuller, more low mids & louder acoustically

Maple and maple board, brighter, maybe more balanced.

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Do you sell any of those maple necks, and do you have somewhat of a schematic for the Donnie art work?

I love those Donnie's and just recently purchased a bare naked Ibanez JS1000 body, I'm on the fence with the swirling technique.

Again really nice axes you have! :rock



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