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Build#6: Hollow Singlecut

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This build rocks. :rock

But I wouldn't inlay the fretboard, maybe only small dots?

And the trussrod cover could also be very simple?

The pickguard idea is brilliant,everything else is too much.(only my opinion)

Less is more.............

What ever you decide, its going to be a amazing guitar. :peace

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Decided against using the clover, it only works with the maple truss rod cover and since I haven't decided which cover to use I just did my old inlay. I also bound the fretboard and put the frets in. No other fretwork done yet though as you can see.



i also bought some ivoroid(ish...) tuner buttons on eBay to see what that would look like. Either match the buttons with fretboard/headplate or with the binding. As you can see the colour of the buttons doesn't quite match the colour of the binding. Might try to "age" the buttons a bit to a closer match...



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Started carving the neck:

First I create a rough neck profile at the first and twelfth fret with a rasp.


After that I bring out the spokeshave. Stunt-carving-with-one-hand-while taking-pic-with-the-other-hand...


Neck profile is roughly done. The neck to headstock transition is done later with a sharp knife, rasps/files and sandpaper.


Kitchen floor after neck shaving...


...and here's how it looks right now. I haven't done anything to the heel end of the neck yet, I'm doing that when I've routed the neck pocket. That way I have better control over the neck to body transition.



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I started to shape the maple top.

First I routed it to the right shape using the body as a template:


After that I routed along the edge with a cove router bit to get the correct edge thickness:


Next step was to route steps to remove wood and get kind of the right curvature on the top:


After that it was time to start chiseling/scraping/filing/sanding...:



...and this is what it looks like right now:



It's nowhere near done but you get an idea of how it will look. It needs more shaping around the horns and I'm thinking about rounding off the lower bout a bit more.

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I didn't think the carve was deep enough so I went at it again:


Here's a comparison between the old and new carve. The lighting isn't the same obviously but you can see that I carved the waist more and with that follows more carving both upwards and downwards from the waist to balance it out:


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That's one beautiful top.


Gorgeous! Good call carving it more. The first one looked good but the current carve looks great.

Thanks! Yes, I think it turned out better with more definition to the shape. By the way, I'm seriously considering ripping off your soundhole design from your archtop build, the whole build looks great! Understated elegance, I love that.

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Thanks, rip away! It's not original to me. I've seen it on Bill Moll's work and I believe a few other guitars.

Thanks, rip away! It's not original to me. I've seen it on Bill Moll's work and I believe a few other guitars. Speaking of which, I should try to get an update posted.

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I made some cavity covers out of ebony. No pics of the scrollsawing though...

I chose not to make any routing templates. I put double sided tape on the covers and stuck them on the body. I cut around the edges with a sharp knife:


After that I carved the wood from the edges with the same knife:


That gave me a border to use as a guide when free hand routing with a Dremel with a router base. I then sawed out the holes.

This is what it looks like now:



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Started carving the inside of the maple top...

I drilled a bunch of holes to remove some wood. I made a crude depth stop using a piece of wood and a wine cork:


And this is what it looked like after the drilling:


I then used chisels, Dremel in a router base, Dremel with a sanding drum, cabinet scrapers, knives, sandpaper... This is the first top I've carved so there's a bit of learning-by-doing involved. This is what it looks like now:


It's a bit uneven in a few spots but I'll take care of that later. No more work today, my hands say no.

>>ScottR, Our Souls

Thank you both very much!

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I decided to remove the extra thickness of wood between the neck and bridge on the inside of the top. I also thinned the top down to 6-7 mm. No pics though but it kind of looks the same as the last pic anyway...

I decided to try out some soundhole shapes. Ordinary f-holes are... ordinary. The assymmetric body shape makes it a bit hard to design the holes too, you can't just put two identical holes on there because one of them will look crooked/out of placement. I like the Gretsch cats eye hole so I started messing with that. Grosh has something similar on the Hollowtron too. Here are a couple of variations I photoshopped together:





Thanks! What are you building?

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