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Abm Individual Bridges!

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When you use them, are they supposed to touch?

If they are mounted touching I wont have to ground each one individually right?

Should i stick a business card between them all when I mount them to keep a small gap between them?

My first time multiscalling so Im a fraid some of this is pretty new to me and cant find much info about it,

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Depending on the finish, it may not be conductive (thinking something like black, but perhaps they will still conduct, I honestly don't know). I am making it so that my saddles on my multiscale are not quite touching.

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Once you have your saddles laid out and the holes drilled, drill a 1/4" depression with a Forstner bit under the last saddle and the drill your wire hole from this to the electronics cavity.

you can place a strip of adhesive shielding foil right across the screw holes, tuck the end of it into the depression and solder the wire to it.

Puncture the tape with a pencil or something to make putting the screws back in a bit easier, and screw the saddles down again to emboss the tape.

Remove the saddles one last time and paint the spaces between them with a little flat black lacquer.

Be sure to just paint between the saddles so you do not insulate the tape from the saddles with the lacquer!

Put her all back together, string her up and wail away with your new instrument.

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