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Hamer Slammer Overhaul

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I have an old Hamer Slammer guitar which has P90's and a "Tune O Matic" type bridge. In my opinion, one of the best necks I have ever played, similar to a '50's Les Paul. Anyways, I want to replace the P90's with a humbucker in the bridge position and a single coil in the neck, and to make matters more difficult for myself, replace the bridge with a tremolo unit. I need any help anyone can spare in regards to "plugging" the existing routes and holes as well as is all this really possible? Much appreciated in advance. Rock on everyone!

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I'm about to do the same with my old Hamer from when I was a teenager.

It's not a Slammer, though. It's actually a pretty nice guitar, it just suffers due to cheap Korean manufacturing. The finish is so thick it muddies everything up and the hardware and frets could be a lot better. I'm going to strip it down, blacken it, then add a thin hand rubbed satin finish. I'm also going to make pickups for it and overhaul all the hardware and everything. Basically, the wood is nice and carved very well, but everything else needs changed for it to live up to its potential.

If you're going to fill in existing routes, make sure to use the same wood and prime it well before finishing. Otherwise, you risk having noticeable lines between the new wood and old. You risk that anyhow, but it's safer that way. I would really recommend giving it plenty of time after gluing in the new wood, to make sure it all acclimates and evens out properly.

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Hey thanks! Yeah the Slammer series was built overseas. Absolutely incredible playing guitar. Mahogany body and neck with ebony fingerboard. I agree with you on the finish, very heavy on the clearcoat. I got it for "song" so I figure it can't hurt to experiment. I knew about "plugging" it with the same wood, just not sure of what kind of epoxy. I will be painting it anyways, so lines won't be an issue...thanks again brother.

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stays in tune no matter the abuse!

No...people who say this just mean that it will stay in tune for the way they use it.without a locking nut the strings will slip out of the nut under extreme Slayer-esque type use.

If you don't plan on slack string dive bombs,then you may be okay.But it will not(will not) will not work for the way I and many others use a trem.

Just want to clarify that.May not have any bearing at all on the way you use a trem.My trems are set so that I can pull all the way back until it bottoms out,then dive until the strings are slack and floppy,and it will still stay in tune.Obviously this type of abuse doesn't happen every song,but a lot of the trem effects on Hell Awaits for example are completely slack string + feedback

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