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Yamaki 12-String

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I've repaired more guitars than I care to remember, but this one will remain in memory for a long time!

Its actually a decent guitar, the Yamaki AY470S 12-string. I've worked on Yamaki Daions (6 and 12 string) and found them well worth restoring. I also remember owning a yamaki way back when and am wondering why I don't have it now. Looks like:

Cedar top

Rosewood back and sides (could be Brazilian)

Rosewood fb


I picked this one up for a hundred bucks WITH a hardshell case, I figure thats a pretty good deal. I don't expect to play it anytime soon, until I fix what someone else tried to fix. I basically bought it so I could fix it. If someone wants it bad enough when I'm done then I could probably turn a profit. But in the mean time I have a knack for these things and I like the challenge.

Yamakis are notorious for "bellying" around the bridge. They are a nice sounding guitar because of the light bracing/top construction, unfortunately, humidity, temperature and pressure over time always wins. I can't really describe what some PO did to this guitar, here are pics...


Hmmm, carriage bolts???!!! and....



I am now scratching my head. <_< When you thought you've seen it all here comes something else!

A few more pics

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Actually, those are tonebuckles. The increase resonant convergence between the top and the back, allowing you to "tune" the box for variations in playstyles. The general concensus is that you tighten them for heavy plectrum styles and loosen slightly for finger style. You can also adjust the treble and bass response accordingly.

Or I could be full of crap.

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