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Winter Painting


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Winter is coming. I made a mistake of painting a guitar at 70 degrees, and it dropped to 40 the next day (not exaggerating!), so I wound up ruining a lovely paint job I had goin on.

What I was thinking, spray in a heated shop, then take to my basement to cure? Would that produce acceptable results perhaps? Basement is heated like the rest of the house, kept between 60-70 in the winter time.

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Not really,no.

Your spraying should be done at the proper temperature,the finish and the container it is in should be the right temp,and it should be the right temp the entire time it is curing.If you spray it in the heated shop,it should cure in there as well.And the guitar should acclimate to that temp before you spray also...

Why do you think so many on here talk about finishing season being over?Luckily in Texas I can find proper days in any given month most times.

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Texas is big,plenty of room for Bob's.. :P

It's going to be 87 today.

In the past while using that catalytic varnish I like I have sprayed in the afternoon on days that were too cold in the morning by spraying outside and letting it cure a couple of hours before bringing it indoors to cure the rest of the way overnight.Only reason I could do that though is because I don't sleep in the same house as the curing guitars and because the finish is already mostly cured in just an hour or two and full cure in 24 hours

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87?! We're at 40 today lol

My workshop is heated when Im in there, and my basement is heated to my house temp. I was thinking about spraying, letting it flash off a bit for a couple hours, then bringing it inside. I'll probably just do some test strips to see if it works out, but hoping someone up north has similar issues :P

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