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First Guitar Build

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Hi everyone - a while back I decided I'd like to try my hand at building my own guitar and eventually stumbled across this forum. I basically have no background at all in woodworking so I've found this to be a really helpful resource just based on the sheer number of skilled luthiers posting here.

I decided to build a guitar modeled around the Les Paul, however a simplified version. The body of the guitar is made from one large block of makore wood (not glued together). As I said, I had no real knowledge of how to build a guitar so a lot of this was improvisation.


Body: Makore Hardwood

Neck: 22 fret - no idea what woods as I just purchased a neck off ebay.

Pickups: generic, low cost

Electronics were from the Stewmac Les Paul wiring kit.

Bridge: Tune-o-matic

I'll probably post some more pictures as I make further progress and am open for all criticism / advice.

My most recent of many errors was that when I was hammering in the bridge bushings one of them went in slightly slanted and now the bridge doesn't fit - I have to remove the slanted bushing.

Also I realise the bad placement of the switch - just another lesson learned. Full disclosure - among other things, I also originally routed the electronics cavity on the wrong side at the back - I'm thinking of putting a little door on this hole and making it a spot to put picks etc.


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Thats some serious heresy :D Looks pretty cool, no frills guitar :D With the electronics, may be the picture, but arent the knobs too close together as well, or is that a preference thing?

As I can definitely tell you, each project yeilds better and better results, so even though you made some errors, learn from them (as you claim to do :D) and keep on- keepin on.

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