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1974 Gibson Sg Special Resto...

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... as soon as I finish this acoustic fretjob. (taptaptap) Its been a steady stream of repairs but the next one is gonna be fun. My newest acquisition for ME...



I didn't think to take pics until I was halfway thru the dismantle, but its all there...sorta. :)

All I did so far was strip the hardware, I won't continue until I get my buddy's Yamaki out of the way. More pics here

I buy LOTS of "previously enjoyed" guitars, not so much just to own them, however I DO like fixing them and playing them. If the opportunity arises, they can be for sale to the right person. Lotsa middle-of-the-road stuff but occasionally I get a gem. This guitar is still very DO-able, but I know it cannot be put back to original specs, not worth going overboard. Just a couple issues that deviate from the norm.

It was originally a mini-humbucker body, someone hogged wood out of the bridge pickup and made it fit a full-sized HB. It originally was built with a stop tailpiece, someone installed a Bigsby, then removed it, so there are a few extra screwholes. The neck was previously broken and repaired at the scarf joint, not pretty but it seems to be straight and solid, looks like epoxy.

When I picked up the guitar I thought it was one of the walnuts, lol. Then I removed all the hardware and saw the original cherry stain. Fading does reduce the overall bluebook value, but thats a moot point now, I LIKE IT! Lots of nicks, dents, scratches, usual 38 yr old wear and tear, bucklerash etc., this guitar has been there and back again. I sprayed it down with Lysol cleaner and wiped off the road dirt, tar and nicotine and STILL didn't get it all! A little polishing with Meguiar's should do the trick.

The guy gave me the Bigsby that used to be on the guitar and I think I'll put it back on, I have 2 other SG's w/ stoptails, so I may as well use those screwholes. I'm going to do it up nice, make a custom pickguard (small style) for a hybrid mini/fullsize humbucker setup. The neck pup is still there and works (6.1Kδ). The seller said the bridge pup was a burstbucker, bunch of wire sections daisy chaining to the pots. I have a HOT 4 wire Dimarzio Superdistortion (15.25Kδ!) to go in and I'm considering FZ's SG mod on the guitar from Roxy and Elsewhere. Otherwise I'll rig it series/parallel, theres a hole for a minitoggle.

Anyhoo, thats what I'm up to, will keep you posted. :)

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