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I Need Road Flare Red/neon Red Paint For My Rg!

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I am working on an Ibanez RG7620 right now, and my goal is to basically end up with a 7 string Rg550RFR. I already have a sweet maple boarded neck for it and everything!

I need that wicked neon red in my life. I'm not going to be ultra picky about 100% matching the classic Ibanez Road Flare Red.... as long as it is that wild, reddish orange flourescent eye-melting red, i'll be happy!

I have a buddy who paints cars and does clear for a living, so i have access to high quality equipment for spraying. Let me know if you know of any good places to get some ULTRA bright neon paints!

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Hey, the ONLY red I've found thats even CLOSE is "Signal Red". A few companies make itm, but its up to you to find it. Ofc it will need to be sprayed thin over a white basecoat in multiple passes.

I have tried RFR, and I fail miserably, I hope you have better luck then I do.

this is signal red btw



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You might want to take a look at the Alsa corp web site Alas offers a awsome selection of custom paints and Chrome fininshes plus they offer Auto fininshes .... custom colors and clear coats in spray cans look under Killer Cans www.Alsa corp.com It's worth A look Dan

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I always thought that a red looks better when sprayed over a yellow basecoat? Probably different for crazy stuff like fluorescents.

I know ferrari uses their red over yellow to get their "Ferrari Red" color (similar to RFR), but I would try white for that extra "pop" for me. They use a candy red, so I dont know if it would be the same with a flourescent

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