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Custom Maple/ Cedar/ Black Locust 7 String

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Thank you both!^^

I wasnt sure if this deserved its own thread in the inlay or tools forums but I just wanted to let you guys know about something I stumbled upon earlier.

I found these cutter heads while looking into wood engraving stuff. If any one does really intricate inlays but dosnt want to pay twenty bucks per bit from stew mac, this sight has a set of 10 very tiny bits for $15. I have not tried them as of yet but I think I will due to how inexpensive they are. Stewmacs smallest bit is 1/32nd (.8mm) while this set includes .7mm and .6mm so you can get even more detailed cuts for a fraction of the cost. Hopefully this can save some one a few bucks!


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Those are burr bits, not spiral cutters. Don't get me wrong, they'll work perfectly fine. In some places I PREFER burrs. But you don't want to hog out a whole area with them. I'd recommend still having 1/8" and 1/16" spiral bits, and then switch to these at edge and tight places as needed. I say edges because burrs tend to cut slower than bits and I'm always weary right at the edges :P

Good find though!


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I deffinitely wouldnt give up my spiral cutters in exchange for these.The main draw to these thing for me was the size. I'm trying to get more intricate/exact with inlays and some times the 1/32nd is just too big. I'm hoping they will be able to handle cutting thin lines and cleaning up points so I can do more accurate lettering or stuff like this


I'll giv'em a shot and let you guys know how they do

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Yea, you can immediately say its Daemoness. Those inlays are insane.

Thanks for the Black Limba links. The one page that did give me a shipping quote to EU charges about $70 for shipping alone. I guess I'll wait till some friend of mine has some business overseas and I'll tell him to take a big suitcase :P

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The neck is glued and the heel transition is carved, its very comfy.

I'm putting my sig on the truss cover for this one because of the small headstock shape. The raven lost his usual spot but I decided to perch him on one of the rear tuners instead.


Small epoxy smudge on the six string's headstock that I didnt get to sand off today. Ill take care of that tomorrow morning then begin the sealing/color/sealing/clear process

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Took some time this week to make a neck jig to improve the accuracy of my fret leveling. It works quite nicely.





ι always had this question:would it more 100 times easier to turn the (dual action truss rod) from inside and have the same result withou all this jig???i ask because i intend to improve my fret levelling...

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^Thank you! There wasnt much room for him on the front of the headstock so he ended up on the back, haha. I will be finishing these up soon, Im just waiting on my painter to get them cleared so I can put them together. I was told tomorrows the day so Im keeping my fingers crossed. Ill post pics here:


as soon as I get them.

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