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Diy Sustainer Pickup Help


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Hey guys,

I'm Gep from The Netherlands and I would love to build a Sustainer Pickup. These last weeks I've been searching Google, this site and well....the best hit I constantly got where the Sustainer Pickup made by PSW


and the somewhat more simpler version of


But isn't there another good site or just a diagram/schemetic or something? Not to be offending any of the authors...it's just that I don't get several stuff. If there's not a better way to go than the ones mentioned above..then here are my problems...refering to the site of http://diy-fever.com/misc/diy-sustainer/ for he has the picturial haha :)

Picture 1, 2, 3 -Get old pickup, strip it down.

Picture 4, 5 - Create 3 mm space to wind the wire around (filled with glue etc.)

Picture 6, 7 ) Connect wires … and here is my first problem. They skip some parts I think are essential to it's construction. As you can see on picture 6, there are already wires under the soon to rewire part. What is it and do I need to do this aswell?

So...how do I start before rewiring the pickup and how do I finish is my question here :).

Step 4) Build driver!

These are based on Ruby and Fetzer ...but again I do not understand what has been combined. I know I might be a total noob but ...isn't there a schedule of the actual thing to build except looking at two totally different things (well....atleast that's what it looks like to me haha)?

Well....basically is there anyone who can help me out building this Sustainer pickup or....am I a lost cost and stuck with getting a Fernandes? :( haha.

Again, not to offend any of the ones that have created the tutorial...even though I don't get it I'm most thankfull....it's just that I really want to build one and need help.

Thanks all!



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