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1 million guitars later.....


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Well now that's an honor.

Larry was my teacher basically. I learned every basic starting block from him.

that guitar is a michelangelo style mastrpiece.

It's literally the ultimate in traditional inlay.

Most of Larries works are like that.

I prefer to stick to the natural world, and leave the gods and heavens to him :D


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Well, I guess it was only a matter of time before you guys saw who MY hero is.. :D

I really don't know where he finds the time to do those types of things, even though he does this full time.

Snork, I wouldn't even want to go for it..

Not my style at all. Leave that to him.

I sticking with natural scenes..


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Just to clear that up: The Peacock guitar was #750.000, the one with the angels playing guitars on the back is the #1.000.000

And Craig, I'm not surprised that Larry was your teacher, it kinda shows in your style, that comment I made was sincere. I think that's a good way of dividing the work...you do the natural scenes and he does the gods and angels :D

Like you said, I cannot imagine how to invest the time for something like that even if you do it full-time. To me, that's a high form of Zen already.

so long


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Well, Thanks again then Ace.

It is very flattering.

All of your guys comments are so supportive and nice here.

I really love this site!

Larry has been cutting inlays since 1974 I believe.

He's done it as long as anyone in the industry.

Myself, I have been cutting for way, way less than that! Technically I guess I'm still a beginner :D

Really it's true.

I hope to be on Larry's level one day!

But, even though I can cut all that pearl, and inlay the heck out of a guitar, as can others here (hey LGM how are your feelers doing? :D I still think you rock!) I don't find that much inlay attractive. Art needs to breath, the image is what matters.

That Martin, and even the peacock are pretty loaded up.

More than I would ever do regardless of comission price, etc.. BUT, that doesn't take away from the fact they are human achievements in the highest form. Larry is an inlay god. I pray at his altar every morning B)


My site is being completely re-built.

It will be up soon, and I'll let you all know when.


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Well, when I say he taught me I mean through his video series.

I also emailed him a lot and he was wonderful that way as well, although he has gotten very, very busy.

There is a set of three videos, all available at Stew Mac. They are worth every penny.

They take you step by step through every process, through beginner, intermediate, and advanced inlays. The set costs about $150.00 for all three.

I am self taught, but after 9 or so hours of these videos it was almost like a correspondance course!

Of course I have done a lot on my own, and met with others since then, done some shows, etc..

However, I can promise you that if Larry were to come on here and give any tips, etc.. it would be almost exactly the ways I show you how I do everything.

I learned it all from the ways he does everything. I really don't think much has changed.

He does teach every now and then at the School of Luthiery ( I think) in Ca, for a two day course. I asked him if I should go and he told me basically if I saw the videos it wasn't worth it. He just does a slide show showing the basic techniques.

I don't want to be misleading, but in my opinion I learned almost all I know from the man, and we did exchange a lot of conversation some time ago.

I haven't needed to speak to him at all recently. He's so busy, and gets a ton of email.


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