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Antique Restortation Finishing

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I have 59 Les Paul build that is still in the planning stages. My cusomer wants that lightly reliced build ( He saw the Gibson 's Billy Gibbons Pearly Gates release and thats simular to what he has in mind)

I 've dyed clear coats before to achieve the amber look of the effects of time, sunlight and tobbacco . My question is does anyone have any knowlege of how to achieve the cracking effect in the clear coat that you would notice mostly on the bindings and head stock areas. Any help would be appreciated

Thanks Dan

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You would do well to research Gil Yaron's LP build on TDPRI (Google: preeb tdpri les paul) and perhaps some of the builds on the MyLesPaul forums such as ExNihilo's (http://www.mylespaul...urst-build.html).

People are always quite reticent to give out all their "secrets" on relicing and simulation of aging. Gil seems fond of leaving the colours to bleach out in the sun before final finishing. Stewmac come from a repair standpoint and advocate the ambering idea which is more to match with existing aged lacquer.

I am yet to venture into the world of nitro lacquer however I would love to try a relic sometime myself. I have read enough that the faked razor crazing is just too false-looking for one. Other methods seem to include heat shocking the lacquer and rubbing in a wet slurry created from all kind of things from tobacco ash to cocoa in order to simulate dirt patination within the crazing. This sounds accelerated but more natural than other things I have read. Perhaps more experienced people can expand on these in addition to their own ideas?

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I once mixed a colorant with nitro that was apparently incompatible and it led to a very similar crazed or crackled surface....albeit in color. Perhaps a test using a drop of two of polyeurothane or acrylic in some lacquer to see how it reacts might be useful?


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