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Bass Rig Suggestions Speaker Cabs Mostly....

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The switch to bass from guitar has been going good for me and I currently have a decent bass rig, but I'd like some opinions on setups and what you like or have experience with. I've done my share of touring and gigging so I know the more compact the rig is, the easier the load in and out is,but tone-wise, whats your faves?

I currently have a 5 and a 6 string bass, a Hartke pre-amp and power amp rack setup with two speaker cabs- one is a Marshall 4x10 bass cab (JCM800) and one is an old Kustom cab that held 3x15's but I modded it to a 2x15" / 2x10" with a horn for highs .

So the rig is loud, and the tone is clean and clear, but it's pretty bulky and I'd love to take my car to the gigs Vs. my big van.

Any suggestions ??

I'm all ears.

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I recently moved to a Markbass head and am looking to add one of their cabs in the near future.

The head has interchangable modules. It comes standard with solid state but can be altered quickly to become a tube amp.


This is one of the cabs I am looking at. Weighing in at 56lbs it is much lighter than the 4x10 Hartke Systems cab I am using now.


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I sold my Trace-Elliot 4x10 and head because they were far too heavy in favour of a purely digital setup in a rack for live and recording. Unfortunately digital has not moved with the times for bass as much as it has for guitar.

If you like Ampeg B810 fridges, consider a simple 2x10 since they are after all 4x of them stacked and isolated from each other. I've considered building myself a fEarful project cab. http://greenboy.us/fEARful/

They seem to get positive commentary plus have a nice range to choose your cab from. The design is meant to be quite consistent across the range, or at least as much as it can be when you have a variety of driver sizes.

If you are after compact for a car, perhaps a personal kickback monitor bass cab and either a micro head or digital might work. I can't comment on whether the Kemper profiling amp or even the Axe-FX2 handle bass models well, but if you are running through a PA then your amp is essentially just backline and showtoys. Your main rig might be best for specific gigs and rehearsals, perhaps?

Sorry I'm not much help. Haven't had the need to gear up and gig for a number of years now. Times have changed.

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Psssh- everything is help. My experience is purely from a guitar standpoint, and with my pre-amp, I can run through the PA no problem. I'm open to any suggestions, then I'll glean what I can from them and take it from there. I didn't know if anyone here had a fave or a go-to amp for bars n clubs. I've heard good and bad about Orange amps, and honestly am probably headed for a Carvin combo. I like 2x10 setups, Fender has a nice one, but I like to move air! lol. The guys call me Thunder now. The 2x15 /2x10 has great big bottom, so if I end up with a combo, it'll probably be a 15/10 size if possible. 18 /10 would be better in my mind, but now we're getting heavy again, and I already own heavy.

I appreciate the links and tips from you both.

I'm off to Atlantic City for 4 days- annual pool and spa convention. I'll post up the final results once i settle on something. Thanks again.

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To take Pro's recommendation one step further - there are some authorized custom cabinet makers who make a line of bass cabs called Fearless, they are designs taken from the fEarful line and have a lot of the same sonic qualities, namely very good low-end extension and good SPL. Best part, these are built with Kappalite neodymium drivers and foam-core walls, so they are the very lightest you can get for the money. Just Google "Fearless bass cabinets" and you'll get all the hits you want, there's sure to be a cabinet builder in your part of the country.

I will probably build a few of my own this spring/summer, when I can take the epoxy and fiberglass cloth out into the driveway.

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Well, for now I have gone with a Promethean 3110 bass combo.300 watts to a single 10" in a 37Lb package and it has an extension speaker jack that'll move my big Kustom cab. :rock Lovin' this thing right now.

Erikbojerik -thanks for the tip- I will look into the fearless cabs. My rig is forever evolving since I'm only three months into bass playing. It'll settle in one day, but for now, I'm still hunting..

If you build with cloth and resin, consider this epoxy http://poolandspaind...Concrete/343712

Sorry the link is not a direct one, I only know about them through using the stuff to build swimming pools on occasion. It's soy-based epoxy and is 100% safe / no fumes / no chemicals .

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Good information to know, about the Fearless cabs Erik. The pure size of most cabinets is the dealbreaker for me. Inasmuch as moving a LOT of air is essential for amplified bass sounds, I am moving more towards ideas around a 2x12 perhaps even a "kickback" style. Without having much experience in cab design other than the fundamentals, taking an existing proven design like the fEarfuls or whatever is probably all I have the time and wallet for right now. Damn those drivers are pricey here, too....

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