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Bass Build

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Well it's been a long time(too long) since I have been on the forum here, but just finished a project up and wanted to share.

This bass was comissioned by the bass player in my band Handlebar. He has always played standard fender p-bass' and wanted something along those lines, but different. The body design is based off a bass I did a few years ago, but I widend it out for better balance. He is also a fan of MM bases so he requested a center style pickguard.



Neck-maple set neck w/ 2 way LMI rod and carbon fiber reinforcement

Fingerboard- Indian rosewood 34" scale 22 frets

Inlay-gold MOP big blocks with handlebar mustache cut out of 12th fret

Side dots- brass 1/8" tube with fiber optic wire and UV LED light source

Bone nut


Bridge-Full Contact

Tuners-Gotoh vintage spec28:1 gear ratio reverse wind

Pickups-Bartolini p/j set

Preamp-Aguilar OBP3 vol(active/passive), blend, mid(400hz/800hz), treble/bass stack, mini switch turns on/off fiber optic side dots. Dual battery box, 1 for side dots, 1 for preamp

Finish- Purple candy over gold metal flake/white base using Seagrave nitro lacquer. Color matched headstock masked off logo.

Here are some pics start to finish.

Body cut out


Truss rod and carbon rods


Gluing fingerboard


Body routed for pickups and electronics


Neck carved


Neck pocket routed


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Two hipsters stopped at the recycling place last Saturday to ask me how to get to Mando's (Mexican bar...not a safe one)..the guy was about 25 and had a mustache like that.

Strange fad,that is for sure..they looked like they belonged in an 1890s barber shop except under the vests they wore modern white tank tops

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That looks great. I am interested in why the space between the stings on the nut has been carved out. Also, is the nut as thick as it looks in the picture?

BTW I live a few miles from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the center tof the hipster universe. I see a fair number of waxed mustaches and kind of laugh at them till I remeber some of the thing I did. Green hair for instance (and it wasn't for St. Patricks day).

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That looks great. I am interested in why the space between the stings on the nut has been carved out. Also, is the nut as thick as it looks in the picture?

It's a scalloped nut. I don't believe there is any advantage/disadvantage to doing it, I just think it's one of those small details that makes a difference in the overall look of an instrument. The nut is 3/16" thick. I'm not a fan of the thin slot fender look, so on the two basses I have done, I did them this way.

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So is anything mustache related considered hipster? I'm confused....

No,but that "type" of barbershop mustache is a throwback,therefore Hipster...

I have always associated the term "hipster" with big fake plastic glasses, extremely deep cut v-neck t-shirts, wearing scarves in the summer, and dancy indie rock music. Like I said in the first post, my bands name is Handlebar and this bass is for my friend/our bass player. This is our logo, but there is nothing "hipster" about us, go listen for yourself. Our rhythm guitar player also owns a barber shop.


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Hipsters don't often think of themselves as hipsters...but it's clear to others :P

I like this quote

"Hipsters are the friends who sneer when you cop to liking Coldplay. They're the people who wear t-shirts silk-screened with quotes from movies you've never heard of and the only ones in America who still think Pabst Blue Ribbon is a good beer. They sport cowboy hats and berets and think Kanye West stole their sunglasses. Everything about them is exactingly constructed to give off the vibe that they just don't care."

Time, July 2009

Aside from the "pabst" part,it's fairly accurate...hipsters can't really be categorized into so narrow a field as to what beer they drink.Most I know like to try all sorts of local craft beers

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