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I Need Tips On How To Lacquer Over A Decal To Hide Decal Edge, Please

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This is my first try at a head stock decal, it is a black head stock and I am using Stew Mac rattle can lacquer. I have applied six coats of lacquer over the decal, and the edge keeps showing through, I understand how this happens, and am assuming that I need to hold a shield or something over the decal and build the lacquer up to the level of the decal? Any tips would be appreciated, or any links in the archive here would help, I did some looking back a dozen pages for some tips, thought I'd ask to save some time, thanks.

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I'm currently trying the same thing, though I just brushed on thick nitro with a brush, it builds much quicker (but needs a lot more sanding to get flat obviously).

My guess would be that after 6 coats of rattle can nitro you should be able to blend the edges nicely with sandpaper, so that after a few more turns of spray-sand-spray-sand you get a perfectly level surface.

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