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Fret Slotting And Radial Arm Saws


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I've got a sliding mitre saw setup for fret slotting, I do plan down the track to upgrade it to a radial arm saw.

I went the sliding mitre saw to keep the budget low but I think the tolerance is not quite as I had have hoped. The radial saw I'd think would be much better. Until such day I'm using the current one.

You can see in the pic how I've adapted it to fit the stewmac template setup. Well I'd do the same with a radial arm saw.


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I use a radial armed saw with a blade my local blade sharpener made for me for about R120 ($12USD)

Great blade no runout, wobble etc and cuts a perfect slot. He adjusted it to fit the sample of fretwire I supplied.

Works great very accurate (well as accurate as you position the board under it)

The saw is a DeWalt my Dad bought about 40 years back which I inherited along with his workshop.


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My Radial Arm saw is a 1972 10" Craftsman (read All Steel). It is very very accurate. I have used it to fret boards for years now without ever having any issues. My old 1987 Ryobi 7.25 was not accurate enough to do fretboards. It had too much play in the arm (I gave it to my Dad).

I looked at newer radial arm saws and I was unimpressed. I had to spend a lot of money to get a decent machine. If you can snag a vintage machine from an old school shop do it. As always Craigslist is your friend. I see the same model I have once a year on craigslist.

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