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Deep Curl Mac Ebony Veneered Spruce Prs Carved Top

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Some of ya'll may remember the video I did on veneering a carved top:
I've sat on this top for a decent while thinking I MIGHT build with it... but the longer I keep it the more and more clear it becomes that I have no interest in building someone else's shape; just not my thing. Therefore, I'm selling it. This would be a great project top for a beginner as a LOT of work is already done on your behalf.
Here's pics and info. For the full album of pics, go here: http://s95.photobucket.com/user/verhoevc/library/VeneeringCarvedTop?page=1
Pic before routing to final shape:
PRS shape from the 80s-90s (whatever my friend's Custom 24 is).
Solid spruce (engelmann I believe?) top veneered with ridiculously curly macassar ebony. There is ONE tiny problem... you have no choice but to bind and purfle the top because when I went routing it to the final shape the template slipped in one spot:
As you can see I caught it early and it doesn't go in very far. That said... for obvious reasons you should be binding a veneered top anyways! BUT, because of this, I will route the top for both binding and pufling channels of your choice size, if you would like, for free. That way you can come in, glue those on, flatten the bottom, and glue it to a body where it'll double as your template! Another great thing for a beginner!
Because this is both materials and a LOT of work already into the piece (especially if I do the routing stuff for you) I'm asking $200 shipped.
There's also two added bonuses:
1- I'll include some more scraps of the veneer so that you can do a headplate, heel cap, whatever.
2- For those of you that know me... I have a LOT of wood and I generally do not sell (mainly cause I hate parting with it and shipping this stuff). If you buy this, I'll sell you other stuff too. If you'd like to know if I have something before you commit, feel free to ask and I'll give you a yes/no and price.
No PMs please. Because some folks may have questions regarding point #2, let's keep the order of inquiry and interest public.
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Purchasing will include some matching veneer for at a minimum a head plate, probably also heel cap, etc. one guy thinking about it on another forum is wanting a couple more slices (which I have) to try and do veneered (like the classical neo builders are doing) back and sides to match!


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Why do HAVE to bind a veneered top?

You don't "have to" but you "should"..."should is the word that was used.

And you should because it looks better.Hides the edge.Looks more pro.plus it helps seal the glue line away from moisture and keeps the finish from sinking into the glue line and creating a line in your finish over time.

Those last two are just mere "possibilities" and in most cases it never happens...the first reason is the "obvious" one.

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