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Inlay Advice Please


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Hey guys, I want to start getting into inlay work. I understand the concepts, my question is inlaying smaller material. I want to use small gears instead of dots. Short of cnc machine, I don't think its feasible to inlay intricacies of a small gear. My direct question is would it look ok if I simply made a small circle inlay and used black epoxy to set the inlays? It could be nice, it could be tacky, I don't know as I can't find anything similar to what I'm asking online... thanks in advance!

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The ubiqiutous "try it first" answer seems to apply here, although Im nervous to buy all the materials only to have it not work out haha. The gears I want to use are very small, used on watches and stuff like that, so it would be almost impossible to have them wit ha "fitted inlay" like normal stuff.

Guess I gotta just dive in the pool here haha

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